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The Technology Centre Freistadt was founded in 1998 and stands as an active and innovative commercial partner of competence and experience.

The TZF offers its tenants and partners all possibilities to reach with modern networking international partners. The TZF provides the appropriate infrastructure and services as well as a partnership based network. Offices with latest infrastructure , Seminar or rooms with innovative communications technologies, an ultra-modern Videoconference, a fully equipped PC-training room and perfect support ensuring the necessary service. A meeting at regional, national or international level in an personal atmosphere will be held without number of hours worked and Kilometer must be invested. In addition to the technical networking offers the TZ Freistadt the option to regional and national networks to serve and offer help in the most diverse cooperations and companies. Our priorities include support of start-up entrepreneurs, good terms for offices, with assistance in company foundation and business plans.

Contact person and function:
Christa Kreindl
Tel.-Nr. 07942/75055-100
Fax-Nr. 07942/75055-502


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  • Are you looking for bussines partner in Upper Austria or South Bohemia?
  • Are you developing a new product and looking for scientific collaboration?
  • Do you have an original bussines idea?

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