Competence map

Competence map / Competence map

A visually attractive, easy-to-use, interactive representation of competences available in selected regions in Upper Austria and South Bohemia. For these regions the competence map will answer questions such as:

  • who and where are the experts to solve a particular problem in innovation & technology?
  • what are the industry and business sectors addressed by the innovative companies and R&D institutions?
  • where can I find potential business or research partners in my field?
  • who are the potential customers of my own expertise?

Persons who might be interested in COMMAP:

  • forward-looking businessmen facing the need for innovation
  • developers and researchers looking for industrial partners to jointly turn their expertise into revenue
  • strategists in innovation

A first prototype version of COMMAP is available at

If you are interested get in touch with us!

Competence map

  • Are you looking for bussines partner in Upper Austria or South Bohemia?
  • Are you developing a new product and looking for scientific collaboration?
  • Do you have an original bussines idea?

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  • regional innovation strategy of south bohemia
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