Project goals

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The main goal of the project is to activate cooperation through the creation of crossborder networks of actors in the field of technology competence. Based on this, South Bohemia and Upper Austria are then considered as a combined area with high a potential for technology development, R&D career and innovative entrepreneurship.

Specific long-term goals

Determination of Mühlviertel and South Bohemia as one "superregion" of the technology and innovation with aspiration

  • on global market of technology competence, education and human resources   
  • as attractive place for entrepreneurs dealing with R&D from all over the world   
  • as preferred international study place for students   
  • as the centre of excellence in the frame of European research area 

Specific short-term goals

  • Analysis of innovation structure in South Bohemia and Upper Austria regarding aspects of research, education and application with relation to regional economy
  • Finding synergies, complementarities and overlaps within these aspects
  • Creation of "Roadmap"
  • Implementation of concrete measures
  • Creation of competence map
  • Creation of PR concept orientated to common development of "superregion" and preparation of outward presentation

Competence map

  • Are you looking for bussines partner in Upper Austria or South Bohemia?
  • Are you developing a new product and looking for scientific collaboration?
  • Do you have an original bussines idea?

Download / results

  • Results
  • regional innovation strategy of south bohemia
  • innovation strategy of ua